professor catherine jo ishino


ASSIGNMENT POLICY: Page 3 of 5 from Course Outline handed out Week 1

“Assignments not submitted will receive a mark of zero unless the student can provide a documented reason for the non-submission (e.g. illness). Assignments have specified time frames; the length of time taken to finish a project is noted and has a direct effect on the final mark for that project. The professor will distribute handouts only once. It is the responsibility of the students to obtain notes, handouts, etc when he/she is absent.

Course material may be presented in the order the professor sees as appropriate. However, the material must be completed within the semester’s allotted time period. Semester marks are based on the evaluation of projects, tests, an exam, participation, work-in-progress, and meeting deadlines.

To be eligible to achieve a passing mark, all work must be handed in. Late work will receive reduced marks:
• Missed presentation of project – less 10% of project mark.
• Projects late up to 5 college days – less 5% per day.
• Projects late, more than a week without prior consulting, will result in a maximum grade of a D or less.
• All projects must be submitted to pass the course

Diligent students will develop a body of work, which will demonstrate their understanding and skills related to the above course mentioned outcomes. Consistent¬punctual attendance and effort are required each and every class for optimum growth and personal development. It is recognized that issues arise and have an impact on student attendance. These will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.”

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